PRESS RELEASE / Ten years of Televideo at MIPCOM

BOGOTA- From 13th to 16th October of the current year took place one of the most important events of the audiovisual market, MIPCOM. This was carried out in Cannes, France, and Televideo was there for the tenth time, together with other Colombian companies, showing the best of its audiovisual portfolio.

This time the producer was especially invited to the Mexico Mathcmaking Event, country of honour of the recent edition and that showed great interest in the quality and production services which it offers, such as the direction and selection of more than 50 thousand Latin American performers so far; the scouting experience for commercials, documentaries and series; the process for the refund of production expenses (40%) and logistics (20%) incurred in Colombia to the Cinematographic Fund for productions of movies and documentaries; and so on.

Francisco Muñoz, presidente de Televideo.

Francisco Muñoz, Televideo’s Chairman.

For Francisco Muñoz, Televideo’s Chairman, “the most important in these events is to have the opportunity of knowing first-hand the use that worldwide production companies and television channels are giving to the new technologies”, this referring to 4K, considered the next big thing regarding to visual and sound quality. This improvement allows to provide an image four times better than Full HD and Televideo has prepared for this for a long time ago, offering audio and video edition services with specialized software and interconnected rooms with Unity ISIS servers. Meanwhile, Margarita Rodríguez, General Manager, “it is very pleasing to see again face to face the businessmen with whom we work for years and knowing the new generation of youth producers, full of fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm”.

Margarita Rodríguez, Televideo's General Manager.

Margarita Rodríguez,Televideo’s General Manager.

Last but not least, Televideo thanks the support of Proexport Colombia, which developed a successful event and provided useful help with the advertising and the stand, where clients were able to enter and enjoy a delicious cup of the best Colombian coffee, while they appreciated the most relevant of the Colombian television.

That is how Televideo concludes its tenth visit to MIPCOM, a tenth year that as the previous continues to captivate with advances, quality and a variety of narrative styles and technologies which are exploited to serve the final clients, the television viewers, the best productions.



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