Chapters/Length: 215 miniseries – 5 x 60 min each one (1075 episodes in total)
Author: Various
Director: Various
Starring/Hosts: Various
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia) and Telefutura (US)
Year: 6 seasons from 1999 until 2008
Target: Family (RCN) – Adult (Telefutura)
Format: Miniseries

Such is life


Inspired by the essence of telenovelas, “Such is Life” is a bunch of 92 miniseries which are developed in five chapters of one commercial hour. Jealousy, love, infidelity, cheating and ambition are some of the catalysers behind of each tale developed along a week with a dramatic intensity which keeps the spectators in suspense chapter after chapter. The format, produced since 1999, has six seasons with 215 miniseries realized for Colombian and international television and that have been broadcasted in more than 16 countries.

Each season is based on a premise, a concept and a narrative style which generates cohesion between one story and another, producing as result a great fidelity to the target for these were produced. The miniseries have been created to be broadcasted from Monday to Friday in a same time-slot and to be developed under production standards which ensure efficiency, quality and economy.