Chapters/Length: 120 x 60 min
Author: Fabiola Carrillo
Director: Mario Rivero
Starring/Hosts: Martina García y Marcelo Cezán.
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 20o4
Target: Familiar
Format: Telenovela


Amor a la Plancha


Rita Emilia Pulido was raised to be a housemaid. She is skilled in all sorts of home labours and his aim is to serve always with efficiency and positive attitude. Rita is hired at the Zuletas’ House, a very picturesque family. There, she will work under the leadership of Mariana, a rich, imposing and determined businesswoman who grew up between luxuries and amenities. She is married to Eduardo, a faithful and unconditional man who only lives for his wife. They are both parents of Catalina, a rebel and irreverent teenager.

Rita not only becomes expert at housekeeping but confident, babysitter and friend. However, home’s peace starts getting affected once Andrés Román appeared, the university love of Mariana. Inevitably the feelings of the past revive and Mariana starts doubting about her marriage. At the same time, Andrés cannot avoid looking at Rita, who captives him with her spontaneity and coolness.

Andrés will be in charge of joining the opposite worlds of these two women full of stories, dreams and passions.