Chapters/Length: 120 x 30 min
Author: Héctor Forero
Director: Israel Sánchez
Starring/Hosts: Paola Charry y Gustavo Ángel.
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 2001
Target: Family
Format: Soap opera

Between Lovers


Between Lovers is a family series which explores the topic of infidelity from female’s point of view. Around the story of its main characters, Isabel and David, turn around other dramas of women who have become lovers for diverse reasons: the sassy who knows the truth and does not mind about it, the ambitious who just pretends getting money, the lonely one who looks for affection in an older man and son. Stories full of drama and humour. The main story is based on the conflicts of a woman who turns into a lover without knowing. Everything starts when Isabel and David decided to live together. They are the perfect couple, young and made for each other. One day, Isabel surprises David having sexual relations with another woman in her own house. She leaves him and later she get married with another man, although she discovered that he is also unfaithful, but just when she is ready to confront him, he dies in an tragic accident. Now Isabel is not only depressed but disappointed of men and hating the women who agree to be lovers.

Meanwhile, David married Graciela, an upstart and jealous woman. They have an unsatisfactory marriage. One day, David and Isabel bumped into each other and decided to carry on with the relationship. Isabel believes that everything is perfect and recover the faith in love. What she does not imagine is that David is married and that he is not willing to tell her the truth for fear of losing her. Isabel finished being his lover without imagining the truth and she turns into one of those women who she hates.