Chapters/Length: 10 Miniseries 5 x 60 min each one.
Author: Diego Osorio y Yamile Daza.
Target: Adultos
Format: Miniseries 



Classified Stories


With a light tone, charged with humour, Classified Stories let us to know in each of the ten miniseries which conform it, the characters and situations behind a curious classified ad. Stories with flesh and bone characters, as fun and crazy as real life can be. The classified ad will be the introduction which will give to the audience a little leakage of the story and then 5 chapters full of funny problems, we will see if the promised in the advert was sold, permuted or declined. A group of friends who are reunited after not seen in years thanks to an ad which promises more than nostalgia, a dog walker who finds love and fortune after reading an ad and being chosen by the keen nose of a poodle doggy owner of a large inheritance, a pair of friends published the seeking for their ex-girlfriend to find her and check who has to be with her again. That is the Classified Stories, hilarious and unpredictable.