Length: 50 minutes
Director: Mauricio Martínez
Produced for: Infinito Channel
Year: 2000
Target: Family
Format: Documentary


Fire Voices


Wednesday, November 6th of 1985 at 11:40 a.m., a command of the guerrilla group M-19 broke violently into the Palace of Justice of its country. The attack took place in downtown Bogota, just 100 metres of the Palace of Nariño, government headquarters and residence of the President of the Republic, Belisario Betancur. The first shot was the beginning of one of the most cruel and violent episodes of Colombian history, which would finish after 28 hours with more than 100 deaths between citizens, military and guerrilla, 12 missing and almost the complete destruction of the main branch of justice in Colombia. Twenty five years after the holocaust, the events are still tinged with mystery and darkness.

This documentary reconstructs the events of that fatal day and contains valuable testimonies of who survived the catastrophe to analyse what happened and especially…why it happened.

This product is part of a bunch of 29 documentaries that Televideo produced exclusively for Infinito Channel. The power of mind, Parallel Universes, Kamasutra, Bioweapons, Noriega, Black September: Attack to the World Trade Centre and Pablo Escobar: The baron of Medellin, are some of the 29 produced titles. Televideo formed a professional team which advanced comprehensive and enriching research following three general topics: esotericism and enigmas, health and modern life and relevant historical facts.