Length: 72 minutes
Director: Juana Uribe
Produced for: Caracol Channel
Year: 2004
Target: Family
Format: Documentary



Galán: The fight of a warrior


In 1989, at the same time the world witnesses the fall of The Berlin Wall and wonders about the basis of communism and capitalism, Colombia goes through an algid political moment and a war upsurge against narcotrafficking. Inside the Liberal Party begins a battle to decide who will be the candidate to Presidential Elections. Many postulates, but the most outstanding is Luis Carlos Galán, who now is getting closer again to his party after leading for some years the New Liberalism. He is undoubtedly the most charismatic politician of his era, a man without political godparents and machine, who faces fearless to the traditional political class and the corrupted power of drugs money. A leader whose ideas and death by the ruthless Pablo Escobar, marked the history of Colombia.

This documentary explores who Galán was, his origins and aspirations, his political career, why he was projected as the leader that Colombia needed and analyses the possible causes of his tragic death.