Chapters/Length: 240 x 30 min
Author: Magda Quintero
Director: Rodrigo Triana
Starring/Hosts: Andrés Suarez y Catalina Londoño.
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 2003
Target: Familiar
Format: Telenovelas


Juan Joyita


Juan Ventura was a child who until the age of 8 believed that the paradise was at the estate “La Herradura”. There he grew up happy with his parents, humble labourers of the estate, and together with Tomás and Lucrecia Caballero, Helena’s grandchildren, owner of the estate. Lucrecia was his first love, but just when everything seems so perfect, luck turns against him. It was said that the estate had a great cursed treasure.

One day Helena Caballero discovered Juan’s father digging in the estate in search of the treasure, and since then disgrace affected both families: in strange facts, Juan Ventura’s father was murdered and Tomás Caballero, Lucrecia’s sister disappeared. Twenty years later, Juan returns to “La Herradura” to revenge his father’s murder. When he confirmed that Tomás is still missing, he decides to take his place. Only then, the gates of the estate and the Caballeros will be opened. Nevertheless, his intentions of justice will find an obstacle: the heart of a woman. Few days ago of starting with his plans against the Caballeros, Juan bumped into Lucrecia, and as when he was a child, he falls in love with her without knowing that she is the sister of the man he pretends to supplant. The cheating that until then seemed so easy, turns into a nightmare.

Juan, now converted to Tomás, will have to choose between carrying on with the hoax to achieve his vengeance or breaking his heart and reclaiming the woman he loves.