Chapters/Length: 47 x 30 min
Author: Jorge Elkim Ospina y Fernán Mauricio Rivera
Director: William González
Starring/Hosts: Marcela Vanegas, Jorge López y Rita Bendeck.
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 2001
Target: Family
Formato: Series noveladas



Love without remedy


Fernando Duarte is a successful doctor who has been just named director of prestigious hospital. Unfortunately, he suffers from leukemia and has only six months left to live. Driven by his disease, Fernando wants to set up a department of homeopathic medicine and begins to look for expert doctors on the topic. That is how Angélica Vanegas arrives one day at his office, a young doctor specialized in bioenergetics and homeopathy. However, what seems to be a simple job interview turns into something else. Fernando rediscovered in front of him his true love. Ten years ago he was Angélica’s teacher when she was studying medicine at university. At that moment they had an intense romance, but Fernando, worried by the ethical issue which involves having a relationship with one of his students, he decided to finished the relation and quit to his job as a teacher. After that painful breakup they did not know anything about each other again, they did not even see each other…until now.

That is how Fernando and Angélica bumped into each other surrounded by new circumstances. Now, she is the mother of Juliana, a ten year old kid, and he is the boyfriend of Camila Andrade, one of the most influential doctors in the hospital. Although each one of them has conflicts to be solved, the love between them inevitably revives with great intensity. At the same time that Fernando tries to find a donor to get cured from his terminal disease, he is turn between Angélica and Camila.

Meanwhile, Angélica tries to cover the big secret that she kept for all these years and if it is revealed it would jeopardize the possibilities of finding love again: Fernando is the father of her child Juliana. Next, Angélica will find out that the girls is the only hope to save him. Truth will emerge and with it devastating consequences.