Length: 53 minutes
Director: Mauricio Martínez
Produced for: Infinito Channel
Year: 2000
Target: Family
Format: Documentary



Noriega: The strong man


The night of December 29th 1989, the president of the US, George Bush, ordered the “H-Hour” which began the operation “Good Cause”. The US Army invaded Panama with the biggest known deployment of force in the history of Latin America. Planes and helicopters took off quietly from a variety of military bases in the US, with infantry troops and armoured vehicles with same destination: Panama City. Once they arrived, they joined entrenched troops at the North American garnish at the canal area. At midnight, explosions, artillery and automatic fusils’ rattle rarefied the atmosphere. More than 25000 soldiers participated in the hunting of one man. An ancient ally of the US, who now was stubbornly clung to power. A dictator. The General Manuel Antonio Noriega.

What is the origin of this man who dared to declare the war to one of the most powerful countries in the world? He was responsible of classifying his own background as Top Secret and it will be finally revealed.

This product is part of a bunch of 29 documentaries that Televideo produced exclusively for Infinito Channel. The power of mind, Parallel Universes, Kamasutra, Bioweapons, Noriega, Black September: Attack to the World Trade Centre and Pablo Escobar: The baron of Medellin, are some of the 29 produced titles. Televideo formed a professional team which advanced comprehensive and enriching research following three general topics: esotericism and enigmas, health and modern life and relevant historical facts.