Length: 2 daily hours at midnight
Director: Daniel García Mendoza
Hosts: Valentina Sánchez y Leonardo Millán
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 2007
Target: Family
Format: Game shows (Call TV)



Broadcasted live, Quizmania allows the spectators to participate in simple contests by means of phone calls and text messages. Who guesses, will win a tempting amount of money. Each contestant will play live while interacts with the hosts, who will give him or her the necessary clues to guess. The hosts Valentina Sánchez and Leonardo Millán entertain the games that are supported by revolutionary graphics especially designed to appear on the screen. Quizmania is an original format of Fremantlemedia that has been broadcasted in Australia and England with huge success. The programme has given around seven million dollars to more than twenty thousand winners worldwide.