Chapters/Length: 120 x 60 min
Author: Marcela Citterio
Director: Gabriel González
Starring/Hosts: Ruddy Rodríguez, Carlos Guillermo Haydon y Alejandra Sandoval.
Produced for: Venevisión International (Venezuela)
Year: 2009
Target: Family
Formato: Telenovelas


Salvador de Mujeres


After succeeding in the ring, Salvador “The Tiger” Valdez lost his title and the chance to fight again due to the corruption of Don Carlos, a boxing businessman who set a trap to him because he did not accept to sign a representation contract. On the point of losing his home and with no more options to help his mother and sister, Salvador decides to accept the proposal of Josefina Álvarez Castillo, the rich owner of gym who offers to him a job as a personal trainer. At the gym he will know to her daughter, Socorro “Coco” Álvarez Castillo, the famous model with whom he has always dreamed of.

Over the time and without knowing it, both women will begin to share their love. Josefina will offer to Salvador an extra work, pretty unusual and risky, so he can settle his debts which day after day push him more: turning into his gigolo and her lonely clients.

Salvador will accept obliged by the circumstances. What Josefina does not account is the feelings that “The Tiger” will begin to awake in her. Meanwhile, Socorro will stop ignoring him to find the support that will let her to forget her failed marriage. Between Salvador and Socorro will birth little by little a deep love that will be always at risk due to the ex-boxer’s secret life and the rivalry between mother and daughter. Salvador will turn into a gigolo, but no any gigolo. He will be the most desired man for those women who have been cheated, despised and ignored. Women who will find in him love, security and caresses that have been denied to them. The same “Tiger” Valdez who knew to leave his soul and life in the ring before, will do it now in the ring of love.