Length: 50 minutes
Director: Clara Muñoz Delgado
Produced for: Televideo
Year: 2008
Target: Family
Format: Documentary


Something shines in La Boquilla


A look to the Colombian Carribbean to discover the joy, dance, game and survival of a group of Afro children who live in La Boquilla, a traditional fisher community nearby Cartagena. Through their eyes of its director and narrator, “Something shines in La Boquilla” shows their everyday in the beautiful Ciénaga de la Virgen and the touristic beaches of La Boquilla. This audiovisual piece scrutinizes for the intimacy of these children to make that the spectator perceives the contrast between the magic of their child games in their natural habitat and the arrival of the modern world at their community.

This is a subjective documentary proposal which uses minimum technical means to avoid artifices and create a performance close to reality. The author won the confidence and friendship of the children of this community, achieving cool and spontaneous scenes.