Length: 26 minutes
Director: Marcela Gaviria y Mauricio Vélez
Produced for: National Geographic, Odysee (Francia)
Year: 1999
Target: Family
Format: Documentary

Toro tope


Pedro “Toro Tope” Duarte is a ranger committed to his land and animals. He is 54 years old and everyday gets up at 5 a.m. to start his arduous farm work.

This documentary shows the daily life, wisdom and culture of a man who was born and still lives in the Colombian Eastern Plains, a territory of green pastures and red moons which get lost in the horizon. According to Pedro, Toro Tope means “brave, thick and fighter”, in other words, rude, strong and courageous, characteristics of a man wrought in that region. Although he has barely left his land, he says not being interested because everything that matters is there, between the soil and heaven he knows better than anyone.