Chapters/Length: 52 x 60 min
Author: Mauricio Navas y Mauricio Miranda.
Director: Kepa Amuchastegui
Starring/Hosts: Alejandra Borrero, Roberto Cano y Cristina Umaña.
Produced for: RCN Channel (Colombia)
Year: 2003
Target: Family
Format: Series


Turning Point


Fernando Bonilla is an honest and hardworking man. He has the perfect life: a satisfactory job, a loving wife and little daughter. One day, he meet at the supermarket a woman named Estefanía, and for moment circumstances he accompanies her to her house to drink a glass of wine. Late at night it shows up between both strangers an uncontrollable passion. Next morning, Fernando leaves very clear to Estefanía that what had happened last night would not be repeated ever again. He thinks that the fleeting adventure will finish there, but he does not account is that she will not give up to let him go. Estefanía begins to look for him strongly and to intrude in his life. Fernando starts to worry because he does not want that his wife discovers his big mistake, so he decides to face the obsessive Estefanía and one night, he arrived at her house to ask her to leave him alone. Estefanía offers him a glass of wine which he accepts naively. In a matter of minutes, Fernando loses his conscience and balance. Desperate for the situation and after understanding that she has turned into a big problem, Fernando suffocates her until killing her. He has no more option but to bury the corpse and try to pretend that everything is fine.

Next day, Fernando tries to resume his normal life with his family. But that same morning he receives a letter which leaves him stunned: “I did not like what you did with my corpse”. On the paper there is also a little map and an additional note requesting him to go to that place at 6 p.m. Fernando, freaked out and intrigued, attends the appointment and when arrives he cannot believe what he is looking at. It is Estefanía, the woman he killed last night. What do you want from me? Fernando asks, and she answers: everything.