Length: 50 minutes
Director: Francisco Muñoz Calle
Produced for: Televideo
Year: 2003
Target: Family
Format: Documentary


Virgilio Barco: A public server


Audiovisual piece which scrutinizes for the intimacies of the Colombian president of the 90s who urged the reform to the Constitution of his country, already obsolete after 105 years of being written, and convened a democratic movement which was in charge of creating new guidelines for coexistence and development. During his government, Virgilio Barco faced the narcotrafficking and terrorism upsurge. His voice was listened in 1989 at the UN, when he exposed the need of working together against a problem that without doubt, was and it is still universal. The documentary deepens on the story, ideals and political work of a man whose life was always marked by the public service and the permanent commitment on his nation.