We have innovative technology tools to edit and finish audiovisual projects.

  • Interconnected editing rooms with central servers Unity ISIS which have specialized software to record and edit audio and video in SD, HD, 2K and 4K formats with multiple layers, colour correction, off line and on line, format conversions from SD to HD and storage for material in the long term with LTO system.
  • For the development and finishing of complex projects with high end edition, we have human and technical resources that will allow you to work on animation, modeling, tracking frame by frame, colour correction, multiple special effects at the same time in one place. Furthermore, we have nonlinear editing software AVID MEDIA COMPOSER AND SYMPHONY with Nitris DX and Mojo interfaces.
  • Workstations with digital audio software and hardware PROTOOLS HD to perform soundtracks, dubbing, foley, music composition, multi tracks and international audio band.For best flexibility and efficiency, our audio devices are networked to video post-production systems, using the same server.
  • We develop all kinds of animations and graphics to audiovisual projects, by means of graphing workstations which have Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Feeehand, Boris Effects, 3DMax and so on.
  • Ingest and playout systems in baseband connection to the central server.