We have transmitted a great variety of sporting, cultural, political, educational and entertaining events with national and international significance. Our master control rooms operate as receivers and transmitters of events which are produced in our studios or originated outside our facilities.

Technical transmission equipment: 

  • Portable satellite transmitters: Fly Away.
  • Stationary satellite transmitters: Teleport in C and Ku bands.
  • Transmitters via IP networks.
  • Optical fiber links
  • Transmission control room for technical check of links, routing, turnaround and complete monitoring of incidental signals.

Our headquarters is interconnected with the main national, regional and local channels and strategic points inside and outside the country.

We send news, programmes, videocapsules and documentaries on demand from our teleport to anywhere in the world, in operation 24 hours a day or via streaming. Similarly, we can receive signals over 12 satellites with footprint on Colombia. 

We perform transmissions of all sort of events from anywhere, with portable satellite devices or via IP networks. In addition, in agreement with international operators, we provide the service of supply of satellite segment for transmissions. 

Optical fibre connections between our headquarters and multiple clients who require occasional service or permanent contribution of HD and SD contents, nationally and internationally.


We have a teleport in C and Ku bands. In addition, we provide the service of transmission and satellite reception outside our headquarters. To do so, we have antennas in C and Ku bands which can be installed inside or outside the city. Additionally, thanks to the agreements with international operators, we provide the service delivery of satellite segment for our transmissions.


We are currently establishing connections via optical fibre between our headquarters and multiple clients who require the occasional contribution service of HD and SD content, nationally and internationally.


Transmission of live productions via internet more than a service turns into a different and innovative experience for all users who want to be part of an event wherever they are. Streaming allows us to listen and watch multimedia content in real time without downloading it to the device and can be watched on other devices such as tablets and mobile phones as well. This kind of technology, customizable to any need, can be used on all sorts of events, from concerts and conferences to forums, reunions, brand activations and performances.