Televideo’s contribution to the 60 years of Colombian television

Img 60 años

Televideo has stood for participating actively in the development of Colombian television for more than 30 years. So, we decided to take 5 of the most representative projects and that have left mark on the audience, to commemorate the 60 years of the television in Colombia.

Setting up of Teleantioquia: 11th August 1985, Televideo participated in the design and commissioning of the first regional television channel of Colombia, Teleantioquia, from El Poblado neighbourhood.

Coverage of the visit of the pope John Paul II: In 1986, the pope John Paul II visited Colombia during seven days. Televideo, with the support of Inravisión and Teleantioquia, participated in the coverage and transmission of the visit.

Commissioning of WinSports: In 2012, Televideo participated in the development and commissioning of the first 24 hour sports television channel of Colombia, WinSports, which currently broadcasts the Professional Colombian Football.

Coverage of the presidential inaugurations: Since 1978, Televideo has participated continuously in the transmission of the Colombian presidential inaugurations.

Vampire Girl’s production: In 2013, written by Marcela Citterio, produced for RCN Channel and directed by Toni Navia, William Barragán and Andrés Bierman, it is created the musical youth series Vampire Girl (Chica Vampiro in Spanish), which not only captivated young and children Colombians but also entire Latin America and part of Europe thanks to its broadcasting on Nickelodeon and Boing Italy. It also won a Kids Choice Awards Colombia 2014 for favourite television programme.

Finally, if you want to know more about these and other projects, do not forget to visit our portfolio and other sections. Meanwhile, we will continue taking part in the construction of the television in the country, a television which increasingly enchants the most demanding Colombian and foreign audience with series, telenovelas, musicales, documentaries and more.