Nickelodeon and Mediapro Team Up to Produce Esports Sitcom



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Nickelodeon Latin America has teamed up with Spanish communications giant Mediapro to create a comedy show about esports, called N00Bees.

The show, intended to run for 60 hour-long episodes, will be about a group of friends who create an esports team. Production will start in April and it is expected to air in 19 Central and South America countries in Q3 of 2018, while a dubbed Portuguese version will also air on Nickelodeon Brazil.

The series will be produced by Mediapro, in the Spanish company’s studio in Bogota, Colombia, while the gaming action will feature footage from the LVP Superliga, the Spanish Professional Videogames League. Mediapro has invested in the competition, which now runs under its umbrella as the highest level League of LegendsCounter-Strike: Global Offensiveand Clash Royale competition in Spain.

With esports becoming a mainstream form of entertainment, Nickelodeon wants to be a part of the industry. N00Bees is not the first time the network explores esports’ waters, as it joined the Super League Gaming Series C funding last summer.

“Mediapro’s experience in the esports industry, along with the series’ innovative storyline, engaging characters, and on-trend gaming theme are certain to make an impact with Nickelodeon’s audience in the region and create new fans in the process,” said Tatiana Rodríguez, Nickelodeon Latin America’s senior VP.

Lately, there has been interest by mainstream media to create esports-themed content. Good Gamea YouTube Red comedy web series about competitive gaming debuted last August. Meanwhile, Legendary, Mosaic, and Gary Sanchez Productions are creating an esports-themed comedy movie, starring Will Ferrell.

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